Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Prawduct's Shine Sleeping Dream Cream by Robert Hallowell Posted at 4:45 PM 0 comments (+)
Hello girls!

Today, I will like to share a really great hair product that I just discovered. And it's really cheap now! :D Introducing....

Prawduct's Shine Sleeping Dream Cream!
I got this from Qoo10 for just SGD$4.70! This product is incredible and marvelous because it really works! The shop, ilovekorea is now selling it at a super low price, you only need to pay the shipping fee. :) I am recommending this dream cream because it worked really well for me, and I love it, so much that I bought 3 more of the cream and 1 of the magic water. 
Honestly, in the beginning, it was a risk for me to buy this. There were only 1 review and it was so cheap that I was afraid it might not be good. But I figured that SGD$4.70 would be worth to waste, and if it is really good, I would have discovered a good yet cheap hair product. NOW I AM SO HAPPY! :D
This item took ~3 weeks to reach me, and I was thinking that I might not be receiving it after all, lol.

This came from the shop that I bought it from. This dream cream can actually be used during the day as well as night time. I used it last night before I went to sleep. It makes my hair really soft and smooth! :) 
The dream cream does not have a very thick consistency, and it has a water base. Thus, it is very light and won't weigh down the hair. I really recommend my readers to get one of these dream cream and feel the miracle :D

Hope this helped!
Welcome to my blog! My name is Liling and I am from Singapore. This blog is to allow me to share the things that I buy & they will mostly be from Qoo10, because I love to shop there :D I will be sharing the shops that I bought the items from, so happy shopping! (I am not being paid to advertise & these are all my own honest opinions!)
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