Sunday, June 23, 2013
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Hello lovelies!

Today, I will like to share some of the accessories that I bought from Qoo10 ^^

This is one of the caps that Jihyo wears on Running Man ^^ I got it from happydeal for SGD$19.40. I think the quality is quite good, and the cap is adjustable. It is a snapback so I pretty like it. The only bad thing is that I expected the color to be brighter and prettier but it is still acceptable ^^ 
The shop sells a lot of caps that kpop artists wear, so if you are a kpop/cap fan, you might like to take a look there. :)

Speaking of caps... I am in love with these snapbacks:

This is worn by Gary in the Running Man episode 145. It was love at first sight, lol. 
If anyone knows where to get it at an affordable price, please let me know!

Gary's LESSANG snapback! ^^

The snapbacks below are all from Ssayo and I love all of them but I am on a tight budget. I will definitely get one of these when I have money though!

This costs SGD$16.40!

I have been eyeing this one for quite a while. Love the word DRUNKEN on it. Currently, it only cost SGD$19.70. I WANT IT~ T___T

GD's GET OUT snap :D

I like the brown one. It looks so adorable! Costs SGD$16.40!

I really love these caps. Hopefully, I will be able to own them soon :)

I got this from RibbonGirls at SGD$9.40. It is not very cheap but I find it worth the price. I love the color (though the mint looked lighter in the shop's picture). The shop had a lot of good reviews so I got it eventually. I am super in love with the bracelet and I will definitely buy from the shop again.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Liling and I am from Singapore. This blog is to allow me to share the things that I buy & they will mostly be from Qoo10, because I love to shop there :D I will be sharing the shops that I bought the items from, so happy shopping! (I am not being paid to advertise & these are all my own honest opinions!)
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