Wednesday, June 12, 2013
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Today's post will be about the hair products that I bought ^^

This is John Freida's Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque. I bought it a while ago from Watsons, and it cost me less than SGD$20 (i think). This is not bad, but I think it is more effective if you apply the masque and then put on a shower cap so that there will be the 'steaming effect'. I actually rather like this, and I bought this because I really needed to treat my hair after neglecting it for weeks. However, this was bought while waiting for my Opal Hair Treatment Intensive to arrive, so now I am using the Opal one and keeping this on hold. Hahaha. The reason why is because this has to be put on for 3-5 minutes while Opal is just a one-minute treatment! Yes, I hate waiting lol. Overall, this masque does its job and it can be gotten at an affordable price. :)

This is my current favorite. I got this Opal One Minute Treatment (intensive) at Qoo10, at only the price of SGD$10.90! I super love this, because it really makes my hair smooth, smells good, and doesn't take a long time ^^ This product is quite raved about by the users, and I think it wasfeatured on Lady First (aka the popular hit television show 女人我最大. I say that this actually works and it is super cheap on Qoo10! A lot of shops are selling it but I got it from the shop Sixth Sense. I definitely recommend for you to try this out. :)
This is one of the deep conditioners that I have used previously but there is nothing much to rave about it. For me, I bought it because it said '48-hour frizz control' but I don't think it worked exceptionally well. This is just a so-so deep conditioner. I got this from Watsons too, also below SGD$20.

Marc Anthony's Bye Bye Frizz Sulfate Free Blow Dry Cream. I LOVE THIS. I needed a heat protectant for my hair because I started blow drying it more frequently. This was the perfect product that I was looking for. Hello, blow dry cream?! It smooth my hair and get rid of all the frizz. It also tames my hair so even when I don't blow dry my hair, I put this on to ensure I have really great hair. 
Do note that putting too much of this on your hair will weigh it down and even make it a little too oily. So please estimate well the amount to use!

Hope this helped! Don't forget to leave a comment :)
Welcome to my blog! My name is Liling and I am from Singapore. This blog is to allow me to share the things that I buy & they will mostly be from Qoo10, because I love to shop there :D I will be sharing the shops that I bought the items from, so happy shopping! (I am not being paid to advertise & these are all my own honest opinions!)
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