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Yesterday, I took a trip to Causeway Point at Woodlands and went to the various beauty stores to look for a face cleanser. Actually, I only went in SASA and The Face Shop lol. I skipped The Body Shop cause they do not have much to offer for my skin, other than the Tea Tree line of products. So anyway, I needed a new cleanser because the previous one I was using (the natural bar soap cleanser) was way too drying for me.

This is the one that I was using. I got it from Qoo10, a shop called Wantit, and I bought like 4 of it -__- Typical Singaporean la! First, I bought 1, and then when I saw that they have a buy 3 free 1 promotion, I went to buy 3 more. Now I am totally regretting my buy, because it is not suitable for me at all :( This comes in different flavors for different skin types. I bought the oatmeal, aloe vera, chamomile, chlorella, and got another free chamomile. Actually, before I made the purchase, I tried to search for reviews online, but I couldn't find any -__- But now I shall make a review of my own.

[Soap Beauty]【Today's Special !! Promotion 3 Buy 1 Free】[Acne treatment] 100% Safety Organic Soap / Whitening / cleansing / Handmade Medicinal / Acne / Skin care / Vitamin

Here's my honest review:
My skin is dry-oily combination. Before using this soap, it was more oily than dry. Even though I still had dry skin on the surface, I always have a thick layer of oil that oozed from my pores. I decided to get this soap because it promised to clear my acne, as well as moisturize. They say that it is a handmade product, made with only natural ingredients. There were also some good reviews, saying that it worked for them/their son. So I started using the bar soap, hoping that it will really work. However, it made my skin VERY VERY dry. Even while washing off the soap with water, I could see flakes of my skin. It was damn terrible and I stopped using it. I was using the aloe vera one, and this happened when I was about to finish using the bar. Now I have 4 unused bars, and I don't know what to do with them T__T

Note: This bar may work for you, because everyone have different skin type. You are welcome to give it a try (it is not pricey!) but this is my take on the product. 

That's why, after that horrible experience, I went to find a cleanser that promises good moisturizing! Remember, even if you have really oily skin, moisturizing is still a must! Just get a water-based moisturizer or serum. It actually took me a while before I bought this Rice Water Bright O2 Cleansing Foam from The Face Shop. Firstly, it was the price, it is selling at SGD$32.90, but with a 10% discount, so i got it at SGD$29.60. Of course, Qoo10 is selling it at a WAY LOWER price, SGD$18+ i think. Secondly, I did not hear fantastic reviews about this product. It seemed overpriced for an okay cleanser. I don't know why, but I still bought it despite such worries hahaha.
I tried it last night and this morning, and I got to say I LOVE IT. It gives me a clean feeling (but not squeaky clean) that other cleansers never gave. And I can also feel the moisturizing component because my skin is not totally dried out. All in all, I do not regret buying this. But next time, I will probably get it from Qoo10, LOL.

Here's what I learned from this experience:
Always try out the product on your own. If you are like me, you might have the tendency to look for reviews of a certain product before making the decision to get it. Well, do know that the different products work differently on different people. (Wow, so many different in a sentence HAHAHA.) And you will never know until you try it, it may be the perfect product that you have always been looking for! ;)
So before I bought the Rice Bright O2 Cleansing Foam, I was contemplating between these items~

Dr G (aka Gowoonsesang) Pore Deep Clearing Foam from SASA and Blemish Zero from The Face Shop.

I really wanted to get the Blemish Zero one, from The Face Shop. But I think I was psycho-ed by the salesgirl who keep pushing me to buy expensive stuff. I might try it (if I still have blemishes) after the current one. What I liked was that it is super gentle on the skin, and the tiny bubbles that form are so nice!!

I hope this helped! Any enquires, please comment! :)
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