Wednesday, June 19, 2013
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Hello lovelies!

Today's post is about the velcro hair products that I use. :)
Just a short note about my hair:
I used to have really really long straight hair. After keeping it for a few months, it got really annoying at times so I went to the hairdresser and got shoulder-length hair. I might have gone over my head at that point, because after a few weeks, I went on to have a bob haircut. It's been a few months since then, and I have gotten numerous haircuts to maintain that short length. But now I have decided to keep it long again because I think that I look better with long hair, hahaha.
Short hair does have its perks, it is more cooling and easier to manage. But it is not easy to maintain because the nice bob shape will disappear after a few weeks. (To maintain this haircut, many trips to the hairdresser's is necessary!) So now I have decided to grow it out again. :)

This is my favorite hair tool. I use these velcro hair rollers to maintain the curved and bob shape of my hair, and it is really useful. Velcro hair rollers are easy to use and also good for the hair (compared to using heat on it).
The mini black roller and the blue with metal plate roller was both bought at Daiso. :) The mini one came in threes and the blue one came in fours. Both were just for SGD$2! I got the purple roller from SASA. It is slightly bigger diameter compared to the blue one. For that, I got it at around SGD$3+ for 6. I think the best quality one would be the purple roller that I got from SASA, but they are all about the same quality, just with different sizes. :)

This is a velcro hairbow that I got from Qoo10 at SGD$1.50 (including SGD$0.50 shipping). I expected it to be cuter and nicer but the pink is very girlish and not my style. :( Actually, I wanted the red one but it was out of stock. I use this to keep my fringe away from my face but it doesn't really work -__- (Maybe my fringe is too thick already!) I wanted to get one of these because I saw Qiuqiu using it and I thought it really looked cute on her ^^ 
Anyway I got this from the Qoo10 shop called They sell lots of interesting hair tools that were featured on 女人我最大

I hope this post helped ^^
Welcome to my blog! My name is Liling and I am from Singapore. This blog is to allow me to share the things that I buy & they will mostly be from Qoo10, because I love to shop there :D I will be sharing the shops that I bought the items from, so happy shopping! (I am not being paid to advertise & these are all my own honest opinions!)
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